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Does your finance team know their role is to improve decision making?

Are you tired of your team just adding up the numbers, rather than adding value?

What If Your Finance Team Could Business Partner Effectively? 

Wouldn’t it be great if your team team could look beyond producing reports?

What if they came to you with answers to your business problems?

What if there was a real, effective way to change the culture of your team?

Well, there is…

Here’s a breakdown of what you and your team need to thoroughly understand to achieve success:


Does your team and your stakeholders agree on what numbers are important?

If they don't, you're not measuring the metrics that matter

Your team needs to understand the end goal. They need to consider how their actions help the business make better decisions. Meaningful metrics is where it starts. 


You’ve agreed on what's important. But, are you confident, really confident, your team have the skills to perform this analysis? You’d be surprised what we don’t learn when becoming a qualified accountant.

Look at how you visually analyse large data sets. If you’re not doing it correctly, you’re wasting a lot of precious time finding insights through endless tables of numbers.

Next comes root cause analysis and communicating issues with clarity. Yes - clarity. The most undervalued word in finance.

“Expenses continue to be behind budget.” This just doesn’t cut it.


This isn’t familiar ground for most finance professionals. So, it’s not surprising that most accountants score very poorly here.

The answer to this problem has many facets. Start by exploring stakeholder relationships and discover the importance of managing up and across. These basic management skills are key to business partnering.

With this knowledge, understanding how to give valuable insights becomes simple. As does deciphering what results your stakeholders actually need, not just what you think they need.

It can be challenging, but in modern finance, it’s essential. 


Problem: there’s a variance to the budget.

Why?! You need answers. Now!

Your team must know how to break down an issue to its activity drivers and help their business partners create a financial answer to the problem.

If they don’t, they’re not adding value.


The Holy Grail!

Imagine an idyllic world where your finance team could spot opportunities and commercialise them. Think of all those new, vibrant opportunities to add value to your business.

Shifting your folks’ mindset from simply pawing at problems to actually analysing your business’ success and realising how these wins can be multiplied… That’s where the battle is won.


Finally, once your financial A-Team has smashed it out of the park, they need to be able to communicate and influence the direction of the business. Presenting new ideas, influencing one on one, and leading when there are no instructions, these are the skills that will get the job finished.

 So, make sure your team is fully prepared.

Together, all these skills lead to Better Financial Decisions for your company!

Finding the time to plan all this training, or even having the ability (and understanding) to teach it, is extremely tough. After all, knowledge is knowing, but wisdom is doing.

Don’t worry, though. 

That’s why I’m here. Through my 10+ years experience as a qualified accountant (FCCA), I’ve assembled a program that not only answers all of these problems, but goes even further…

Why This Training?

In-depth, bulletproof, game-changing content aside, as a Keynote Speaker and Corporate Educator,  I focus on guaranteeing your team’s deep understanding of the concepts being taught.

 There’s no point undertaking training, if everyone forgets it after a coffee. That’s why everything I do is aimed at absolute retention and understanding.

Here’s how:

Activity-based Training

Less talking, more doing. People learn so much more effectively when it's activity-based.

Unique ways to communicate complex topics

These tried and tested techniques, including the use of music and discovery stories, keep attendees entertained, engaged and super focused.

12 month culture change program available

In-depth 2-day course - followed by an intensive 12 month program with monthly recap videos, webinars and individual accountability calls. 

    More Reasons To Choose Alan's training program:

    • The program is 100% customised towards your reports and analysis. Unlike many programs, this is NOT ‘one size fits all’. Your business is unique, I treat it that way.
    • All training is delivered from where you choose, making everything extremely convenient for you.
    • Following the program, you’ll have 3 months of free call support. So, any questions, clarifications, or if you just like my Irish accent, give me a call.

    Information to Influence
    Skill Sets

    Alan Cameron-Sweeney

    Keynote speaker &

    corporate educator

    So, who are you, Alan?

    That’s what you’re thinking, right?

    I won’t mess around. Let’s get straight to the meat of it.

    As part of a Transformation project at a major Melbourne corporate, I led the professional development program, aimed at making finance staff better business partners. It was here I gained real insights into where accountants struggle to make the leap from ‘adding up to adding value’.

    Following experiences like this, I developed a keen passion for sharing these insights as a Keynote Speaker and Corporate Educator across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

    I’ve also been a top rated speaker at CPA Australia Congresses and appeared in the Australian Financial Review.

    What People Are Saying

    “Rated 4.9 /5 by conference attendee”

    Practical, informative, entertaining and engaging – just a few of the words our delegates used to describe Alan’s keynote session, one of the top-rated speakers at our Congress in Darwin this year.

    With his own unique comedy style, Alan gave our audience food for thought and valuable tips to change their approach to reporting and data visualisation. Who knew Motown was so relevant to the accounting profession!"

    Rachel Bakker 
    - Conference & Events, CPA Australia

    “Alan is intellectual, funny and a great presenter. His session was fun and informative at the same time.”  

    Milii Sharma
    - CPD Co-ordinator, Institute of Managers and Leaders

    “Plenty of clear takeaways"

    “From our initial communication to the event on the day; Alan was friendly, professional and a pleasure to host. Throughout his presentation, Alan engaged our members with his animated and expressive humour; and provided plenty of clear takeaways in his content. 

    We received nothing but positive feedback from the attendees, as they really enjoyed Alan’s interactive approach. I would highly recommend Alan, and look forward to working with him again.”

    Sarah Dension
    - Events and Relationship Executive New Zealand, CPA Australia