The Trusted Advisor Selling
Customised In-house Training

The Trusted Advisor Selling Methodology is focused on improving the Sales of your team . We do this by customising our programs and making them speak your language.

We transform sales teams into teams of Trusted Advisors and direct non – sales teams to have a stronger sales focus by a stronger sales culture.

The in-house program is about establishing metrics first , then the methodology to achieve this and an implementation schedule.

Our process to achieve this in your organization is as follows :

  • A Preliminary Meeting
    to establish your desired outcome, current status and for us to outline our methodology to establish
    a meeting of the minds.
  • A short proposal meeting
    where options are outlined and discussion around the best recommendation.
  • Team Immersion Process
    where Brad will spend time inside your business. Talking with sales people, going out on sales calls and other methods to establish the current sales landscape.
  • Design of the training program with
    various sequences, coaching manuals and support materials.
  • Delivery of the program and sequences.
  • De-Brief of results and any follow up required.

Outcomes Sales Teams have experienced with our Programs

A stronger Sales Culture and Sales Focus for your team.

A unique Sales Process for your business which feels natural and not rote learned.

More engaging Sales language being used by team as Trusted Advisors.

An understanding of KPI’s and Accountabilities on a daily, weekly and monthly basis through a Monthly Scorecard.

A higher “sense of urgency” in closing the Business.

An understanding of the Sales Style Differences and an appreciation of differences between team members.

A change in mindset to that of the Trusted Advisor and not an Information Provider.

An attitude of Constant Improvement – a desire to “be good enough to get better”.

A focus on outcomes and benefits of your product or service solution.

higher level of confidence in developing new business opportunities.

The answer to the No 1 question in sales, “Why over all other vendors should I use your company?”