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Finance Business Partnering – Arc Model: Evaluate Your Finance Team in 90 Seconds

“This is a really simple model, because I want you to be able to answer a few simple questions”

Would you like to assess where your finance team is at and where you'd like them to be? If you give me 90 seconds, my model will help do just that. 

We’re going to use my Information to Influence Model to assess your team for their finance business partnering skillset. 


First of all we have information.  

Do your team and their stakeholders agree on the numbers that matter? Because if they don't, how can they report on the numbers that are meaningful? 


Secondly we have analysis

Does your team know that their role is to help their stakeholders make better financial decisions? 

Commentary like, ‘salaries are behind budget,’ just doesn't cut it. We need to dig deeper into the business reason why things are behind budget, so that we can then actually correct it. 


Thirdly we have partnering

Can your team build and manage relationships effectively? Now this is quite new ground for finance professionals, and it's a skill they really need to get on top of.  


Now we're coming to the real value add stuff - solutions. 

Does your team bring stakeholders problems or solutions? Can they work with their business partners to develop solutions to business problems?


We've reached Opportunities… The Holy Grail! 

Does your team have enough commercial acumen to spot opportunities for your stakeholders? 


Lastly we come to influence.

After your team has done all the hard work, are they able to influence their stakeholders to take the best path for the business? 

The Information to Influence Model

Now this is a really simple model, because I want you to be able to answer a few simple questions. 

Firstly, do you know where your team falls on this arc? 

Secondly, is that where you want them to be? 

Then most importantly, if they're not where you want them to be, how are you going to bridge that gap? 

Well, what I have for you in a downloadable template may help. 


To start off with, I have my roadmap; this is each of the six sections of the arc broken down into three high-level skill sets. 

Then I have a deep dive, two-page template, with 54 questions for you to evaluate your team or individual team members. 


So, if you'd like to assess where your finance team are and where you'd like them to be, please type yes below, and I will send you my five-page template including the arc.


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