​Do you ​want a finance speaker who is an expert and an entertainer?

(​​The answer is yes.....)​

So , you're thinking, "What makes a better choice?"

Well, let me tell you..

A proven track record of unforgettable keynotes

​​You may know many speakers that get rated 4.9/5 by conference attendees.  ​But how many get that score when the topic is Data Visualization for accountants?

You see my point.

​Here's Why

​The music

​​​Oh, the other speakers don't have a Motown music theme to help communicate complex topics?

​I dare say, ​I'm the only one bringing soul music to finance​. And, there you were expecting another ‘wacky’ stereotype.

Nothing ​grabs the attention of an audience ​like an accountant with a walk on song. ​​​It guarantees a captive group of listeners from the start.

See, finance doesn't have to be boring.

​The ​comedy

​​​You don’t expect humor at a finance talk. Not really. Maybe a vain, failed attempt at it.

Well, ​​​​before the keynote stage became my spotlight, I spent many years doing comedy, having appeared at the Melbourne International Comedy festival and Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Don’t worry, I won’t just recite drunken Irish limericks. Personal, funny stories are the way to explore topics so people understand them; to not just solicit blank nodding heads, but to really instill each person with knowledge.

​​The Engagement

The talks aren’t just a one way street.

To help retention, you’ll be encouraged to get involved with interactive activities, quick ‘talk to your buddy’ exercises, and have ​questions shot at you to keep you on your toes. 

​Together, all these skills lead to ​​retention! It’s the key to any talk. If Einstein presented, but no one retained anything, that knowledge is wasted. (I’m not comparing myself to Einstein!)

​​Experienced? Yes! Old? No… 

I’m a qualified accountant - FCCA, But, you expected that. I qualified through Ireland’s largest company, CRH. With over a decade of experience under my belt, including time as a management accountant, analyst and system accountant, I’ve seen it all. I’ve got the war stories to prove it.

And then, there was my time as part of a Transformation project at a major Melbourne corporate. I led the professional development program, aimed at making finance staff better business partners. The insights into where accountants struggle to make the leap from adding up to adding value’ were incredible. You’d be very surprised....

​Together, all these skills lead to ​​Retention, Retention, Retention ​for your audience​​​

​​The keynotes

​Finance Business Partnering

Your audience will learn to understand how to improve the financial decision making of your company by guiding them through the mindset and skillset needed to become elite finance business partners 

​Financial for Non-Finance

​Does your audience need to understand the numbers better? Do you need them to make better financial decisions.

My entertaining and engaging style is the perfect way to get your non-finance audience to understand the numbers. 

More Reasons To Choose ​Me​
As Your keynote Speaker:

Active Learning Through Workshops

​The day doesn’t have to end after the session. To add value to you and your attendees, and compliment the talk, my workshops work wonders to ensure repeat bookings.

​Custom Marketing Videos To Promote Your Event

​​Want to increase audience buy in to your event before it starts? I customise videos to help promote your event and deliver an awesome experience. Here’s a flavour of what I can do.

After Hours

I’m not like other speakers. I don’t just pack up and scuttle away. There’s always a ton of questions that attendees want to ask, but didn’t (big crowds and all that). This gives them the perfect opportunity.

Tailored To You & Your Audience

Variety is the spice of life. And, every audience is unique. So, all my talks are 100% customisable to you and your attendees. Damn - I’ll even change the music depending on audience tastes if you’ve done such extensive research!

Experience Effective Keynote Speaking Like Never Before  

If you’re tired of the same repetitive keynote speaker set-up and want your audience to feel that WOW! factor, look no further.

Engagement. Retention. And, insight. Your audience will get all three in abundance. So, don’t wait around.

Get in touch to discover more! 

What People Are Saying About ​​Alan

“​Rated 4.9 /5 by conference attendee”

“​Practical, informative, entertaining and engaging – just a few of the words our delegates used to describe Alan’s keynote session, one of the top-rated speakers at our Congress in Darwin this year.

With his own unique comedy style, Alan gave our audience food for thought and valuable tips to change their approach to reporting and data visualisation. Who knew mo-town was so relevant to the accounting profession!”


​Rachel Bakker 
- ​Conference & Events, CPA Australia

“Alan is intellectual, funny and a great presenter. His session was fun and informative at the same time.”  

​Milii Sharma
- Events Team, Institute of Managers and Leaders

“​plenty of clear takeaways"

“From our initial communication to the event on the day; Alan was friendly, professional and a pleasure to host. Throughout his presentation, Alan engaged our members with his animated and expressive humour; and provided plenty of clear takeaways in his content. 

We received nothing but positive feedback from the attendees, as they really enjoyed Alan’s interactive approach. I would highly recommend Alan, and look forward to working with him again.”

​Sarah Dension
- ​Events and Relationship Executive New Zealand, CPA Australia
Alan Cameron-Sweeney

​Keynote speaker &

corporate educator

So, who are you, Alan?

That’s what you’re thinking, right?

I won’t mess around. Let’s get straight to the meat of it.

As part of a Transformation project at a major Melbourne corporate, I led the professional development program, aimed at making finance staff better business partners. It was here I gained real insights into where accountants struggle to make the leap from ‘adding up to adding value’.

Following experiences like this, I developed a keen passion for sharing these insights as a Keynote Speaker and Corporate Educator across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

I’ve also been a top rated speaker at CPA Australia Congresses and appeared in the Australian Financial Review.

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